Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yes A Dork

It is clear to me that those who choose to ride a bicycle on a regular basis, and in any way make that choice a part of their identity are dorks. You roadies may think you look cool atop glistening carbon in multicolored lycra, but ask any you zip past and they will assure you that you are a dork. the same goes for MTB riders with full suspension, 29ers etc. Fixie riding hipsters... need I say more.

Then there is me, the commuter, the ultimate in cycle-dorkdum. With my fluorescent sticker festooned helmet, yellow safety vest, cargo-shorts (worn over bibs), on a painstakingly curated crappy 10-speed to single-speed conversion. I know the beautiful people of Los Angeles blush with shame as I slip past their Audi A4s on Abbot Kinney Way, thinking "This should not BE in our fair city." (more likely it is just "annoying twit on a bike!")

You can see that I am even proud of this dorkyness. It is true, so proud of my 30+ miles a day that I will wedge it into any conversation. For example: "Sushi... oh yeah i picked up some great sushi on my RIDE home the other night." Which will lead inevitably to me boasting about my pannier capacity. My what big bags you have.

I do love to ride and as I am at it a couple of hours a day most days of the week, it gets some top billing in my mental processes. I think I could share this and other thoughts in a blog...

So here it is, my first entry in "The Bike Dork"

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